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Andreas Souvaliotis: Public Transit in Canada: A Bigger Idea

The carbon crunch and the sudden change in expectations and priorities across our major cities now represent a serious new challenge for our urban administrators. How do we shift millions of Canadians from cars to transit if we don’t have the spare capacity or the spare funds to quickly expand?

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Ryan Shorthouse: Boris Bikes Keep the Poor poorer

Steps urgently need to be taken by Transport for London: a rapid increase in the supply of docking stations, an efficient recycling of bikes around the system, the extension of the scheme into zone 2 and, above all, the ability to pay with your oyster card.

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Emma Boon: The British public are Rejecting the High Speed Rail White Elephant

Politicians like Hammond always seem to want to leave a legacy of some sort, it’s often an expensive project that taxpayers inevitably have to bankroll, even better if it’s really big or fast or purports to be trail-blazing.

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Joel Epstein: Carmageddon, Out East, And America Fast Forward

For me, leaving LA doesn’t mean losing touch with the progress of America Fast Forward. In fact, I find these regular outings give me some helpful perspective on what Angelenos are trying to achieve transit-wise.

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Matthew DeBord: Young People Are Losing Interest in Cars, But That Doesn’t Mean the End of the Road for Automakers

Lightning McQueen may as well take his place next to Thomas the Tank Engine: The reign of the car as the central fetish of American life is drawing to a close.

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Phineas Baxandall: In the Public Interest : Needed: Sane Rules About the Privatization of Infrastructure

America’s transportation problems are serious enough that we need serious policy that looks out for the public interest, rather than unrealistic solutions to problems that don’t exist in the first place.

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WATCH: China’s High Speed Bullet Train Completes Test Run

BEIJING (AP) — Builders of China’s fast-growing bullet train network conducted a test run of its showcase Beijing-to-Shanghai line Monday amid contro…

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Michael Likosky: Let Wave Two Begin — Obama, Geithner and an Infrastructure Bank

In the late 1930s, when we faced a double-dip depression, Marriner Eccles, the chairman of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Federal Reserve, worried that our mounting debts and real need for public investment would be hampered by a prevalent sentiment that “unwise spending seems to be spending for the other fellow.”

To keep the economy […]

Dawn Teo: Dept. of Defense Planning Large-Scale Integration of Electric Vehicles

The Department of Defense (DOD) is at the genesis of large-scale integration of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) into its non-tactical ground fleet as part of federal government efforts toward expanding usage of alternative fuel vehicles.

The DOD has identified certain segments of the non-tactical fleet that are “ripe for achieving cost parity,” according to Camron […]

Airline To Use Recycled Cooking Oil To Fuel Planes

AMSTERDAM — Dutch airline KLM plans to use recycled cooking oil as biofuel to power flights to and from France in a move aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

Starting in September, KLM will begin more than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam using biofuel made from used cooking oil, the company said Wednesday.

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