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Paul Heroux: The War ‘in’ the Middle Class

The most pressing issue in America today is unemployment and jobs, not debt. Yet, somehow Washington has managed to get distracted and focus on the de…

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Western States, Hit Hard By Housing Crisis, Lag Behind During Recovery

WASHINGTON (AP) — Western states hit hardest by the housing crisis are feeling the greatest economic stress two years after the recession ended, acco…

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Sex Offender Dad Wins Custody Of Florida 3-Year-Old, Grandmother Outraged

The bitter custody fight for Florida preschooler Miranda Wilkerson ended last week when a Jacksonville judge shifted guardianship from the 3-year-old’…

Read more: Jacksonville, Video, Sex Offender, Miranda Wilkerson, Custody Battle, Florida, Donald Coleman, Rita Manning, Adoption, Crime News

BofA Posts $8.8 Billion Loss After Mortgage Settlement

Bank of America Corp posted a second-quarter net loss after an $8.5 billion settlement with mortgage bond investors.

The largest U.S. bank by a…

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Robert Scheer: Sorry Elizabeth, Wall Street Said No

So much for the meritocracy. Despite an elite education, effusive charm and brilliant wit, Barack Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, has ended up be…

Read more: Robert Scheer, Greed, Timothy Geithner, Congress, Dodd-Frank, Bush, Money, Elizabeth Warren, Clinton, Obama, Democrats, Bailout, Barack Obama, Banks, Financial Crisis, Gop, Wall Street, Republicans, Politics News


‘Forget Deficit Reduction: Here Comes More Stimulus’

With all the talk of debt ceilings and federal spending cuts, you might think that the era of stimulus programs was behind us. Think again. I strongly…

Read more: 2008 Financial Crisis, Economic Stimulus Package, Great Recession, Quantitative Easing, Federal Reserve, 112th Congress, Ben Bernanke, Obama Debt Reduction, Barack Obama, Business News


Preeti Vissa: $2 Billion in Foreclosure Help Is Here — But Does Anyone Know?

I understand that Keep Your Home California is reluctant to spend money on ads that could be used to help struggling homeowners, but $2 billion in foreclosure relief will accomplish nothing if the folks who need it don’t know it’s there.

Read more: Foreclosure, Keep Your Home California, San Francisco, Housing Crisis, California Economy, Housing, […]

Vicki Larson: Why Are We So Quick To Believe Nasty Claims Against Men?

Gabriel Aubry is being a bad dad. Well, we don’t know that for a fact; all we know is that actress Halle Berry, with whom the model had a daughter, no…

Read more: Hulk Hogan, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Custody Battle, Rape, Abuse, False Allegations, Divorce, Sexual Assault, Christina-Hoff-Sommers, Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Warren Farrell, Feminism, Women's […]

ProPublica: FDIC Chair: Mortgage Industry ‘Didn’t Think Borrowers Were Worth Helping’

By Lois Beckett, ProPublica

Outgoing Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairwoman Sheila C. Bair’s revealing exit interview by the New York Times…

Read more: Mortgage Crisis, Fdic, Banks, Homeowners, Foreclosure Crisis, Sheila Bair, Mortgage Servicers, Business News

BofA Gives $30K Worth Of Social Security Payments To Wrong Person

Bank errors with serious consequences continue to pile up, and not only because of the “robo-signing” that has become so closely associated with alleg…

Read more: Laguna Beach, Chase Bank, California, Social Security, Citi-Bank, Too Big to Fail, Bank of America, Stephen McDow, Grand Theft, Bank Account, Auburn-Washington, Business News