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Paid Sick Days Initiative Will Appear On Nov. Ballot

The hard work of the activists at The Campaign for a Healthy Denver has paid off — the Denver City Clerk ruled Monday that a paid-sick-leave initiati…

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Allison Gilbert: The Dangers of Having a Baby After 35: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

If you have a child later in life, like I did, it only increases the likelihood that you will be parenting without your parents. I never had that maternal advice, and my son doesn’t have my mom as a grandmother.

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Sue Frause: Sparkling Hill Resort: Beat the Heat at North America’s First Cold Sauna

The $122 million resort is the first in North America to incorporate Swarovski crystal elements into every aspect of its design. They’re everywhere and they look like icicles, which is in keeping with a theme.

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Helene Pavlov: How Does Medicare Really Work?

In addition to being a health care provider, I am also a patient, and the wife and mother of “patients.” As a health care provider, one would think I …

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Rabbi Jason Miller: Motherhood And The Rabbinate: A Male Rabbi Responds

The experience of coupling motherhood with a career is something women fought for in the last century. And Judaism is the better for it.

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Eric Villency: Summer Wellness: Ironman Chris McCormack Talks Health and Fitness

As temperatures rise and summer kicks into full swing, people naturally start to think about exercise, health and of course, how they look in a bathing suit. I sat down with some of the most accomplished professional athletes and fitness gurus to learn about their approach to wellness.

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H1N1 Breath Test Could Help Those Infected

THE CANADIAN PRESS — TORONTO – Breath tests are commonly used to detect blood alcohol levels and monitor asthma, and now a similar test could possibl…

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Ellen R. Shaffer: We Won’t Be Fooled Again: Yes, an Independent Panel to Control Health Care Costs!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes a brilliant solution for controlling health care costs while protecting Medicare. The Independent Payment Advis…

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Kathy Buckworth: Recharge It!

As a mother of four children, at any given time there are a multitude of electronic units recharging themselves in my house.

Between BlackBerries, h…

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Judith Orloff MD: How Listening To Your Body Can Improve Your Life

Familiarize yourself with how your body speaks to you. It wants you to be well. It will tell you if you are not.

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