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In filing, Facebook outlines its vulnerabilities

Facebook’s IPO filing lays out the scenarios that could drive its success into a wall.

If you had 800 million friends, you’d think you’d be worry-free. But Facebook isn’t.

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Obama proposes refinancing plan for underwater homeowners

The president aims to help about 3.5 million people with good credit who are unable to refinance at historically low rates because their homes are worth less than their mortgages.

Distancing himself from Republicans on housing issues, President Obama pitched a $5-billion to $10-billion plan to help a key segment of struggling homeowners — those […]

L.A. County supervisor opposes Universal Studios housing plan

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says housing at NBCUniversal’s Universal Studios could lead to fewer production jobs on the back lot.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky shot a torpedo at NBCUniversal’s $3-billion “Evolution Plan,” saying he opposes the company’s proposal to build housing on part of its famous back lot in Universal City.


A lucky few will be enriched by Facebook IPO

An estimated 1,000 employees and investors could become instant millionaires when the social network giant goes public.

Stanford University alum Ezra Callahan likes hockey and has 722 Facebook friends. Among them are Sean Parker, Dustin Moskovitz and a college dropout named Mark Zuckerberg.

Chrysler, other U.S. automakers post strong January numbers

As Chrysler reports its first annual profit in years, other U.S. automakers show their strongest January sales numbers since 2008.

Chrysler Group reported its first annual profit in years, and the U.S. auto industry displayed renewed vigor, posting January sales numbers that were the strongest for the month since 2008.


Honda loses Small Claims Court suit over Civic hybrid fuel economy

A Los Angeles County court commissioner rules that the automaker negligently misled Civic owner Heather Peters when it claimed the hybrid could achieve as much as 50 miles per gallon.

The owner of a Honda Civic hybrid won an unusual Small Claims Court lawsuit Wednesday against the auto giant that some legal experts believe could […]

Costa Concordia cruise ship holds a big job for salvage crews

As workers remove the cruise ship’s fuel — a weeks-long task — Costa Cruises will decide whether to repair the vessel or scrap it for parts.

It’s a disturbing sight: a massive, half-submerged cruise ship, dashed against rocks on an island off the Tuscan coast of Italy.

source: HeadlineTodayNews.com


GM is again the world’s largest automaker

Boosted by its Chevrolet brand, sales rise 7.6% to 9 million two years after its emergence from bankruptcy.

Less than two years after emerging from bankruptcy,General Motors Co.has regained the title of the world’s largest automaker.

Uproar over proposed bills delays answer to Internet piracy

With SOPA and PIPA derailed, new rules are likely to be later and narrower than entertainment firms had hoped.

The derailing of long-sought legislation to combat digital piracy is a troubling sign for the entertainment industry, whose insider lobbyists were routed by technology companies armed with the brute-force power of the Internet.


Google fourth-quarter results fall short of forecasts; shares drop

Google’s earnings of $9.50 per share were below Wall Street’s target of $10.49 a share. The Internet search giant’s stock tumbles 9% in after-hours trading.