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Mortgage reports shine rays of hope for housing

The rate of delinquent home loans is falling as high-risk mortgages from the housing boom are replaced by loans written to the strict standards enforced after the bust.

A Mortgage Bankers Assn. report Thursday said that after seasonal adjustments 7.58% of all residential mortgages were delinquent by at least one payment as of the fourth […]

Dow Jones rallies as investors cheer job data, economy


U.S. stocks rallied amid more evidence of a U.S. economic recovery, sending the closely tracked Dow Jones industrial average to one of its best days this year.

Investors put an end to three straight days of losses after new reports showed that the number of people filing for unemployment claims fell last week, while the […]

Mortgage settlement is also housing relief package

The $25-billion mortgage settlement between banks and state and federal governments is an effort to patch the housing market.

The landmark $25-billion settlement between major banks and state and federal governments is aimed at doing more than just helping people who lost their homes through improper foreclosures.


First-time unemployment claims sink to early-recession levels

The decline in initial jobless claims reflects the slowdown in layoffs at companies as the economy has improved and employers have shown more willingness to keep their workers.

In another sign that the job market is gaining momentum, the number of workers filing for unemployment benefits fell further last week — down to levels last […]

FBI releases file on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs


The agency compiled the dossier in 1991, when Jobs was in the running for an appointment to the President’s Export Council under George H.W. Bush.

Questionable moral character, use of illegal drugs, the abandonment of a child and a willingness to distort reality: Welcome to the FBI dossier of Steve Jobs.

On Thursday the […]

How the $25-billion mortgage settlement could affect homeowners

Hundreds of thousands in California stand to benefit directly. What should they expect next?

Hundreds of thousands of California homeowners stand to benefit directly from a landmark $25-billion settlement that federal officials, state attorneys general and the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers agreed to on Thursday.


Mortgage settlement good for homeowners, better for banks

The $25-billion settlement puts a dark cloud behind banks and eases investor anxiety. This should bolster their stock prices. It also shields them from some suits stemming from the foreclosure fiasco.

The $25-billion settlement of the foreclosure mess is good for homeowners and good for the housing market.


Beef prices, already near record highs, going up again this year

Beef prices, already at near-record-high prices, are expected to be driven up for the second year in a row this year because of a limited supply of cattle. There were about 91 million head of cattle in the United States as of Jan. 1, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s […]

Earliest tax-filers face a 1-week delay in getting refunds from IRS

Some taxpayers who filed their federal income-tax returns early this year will have to wait a week longer than initially projected to get their refunds. The problem affects taxpayers whose returns were filed before Jan. 26. Taxpayers whose returns were accepted on or after that date won’t be affected, the IRS says.

Facebook IPO filing shines a light on company’s finances

Facebook’s IPO would be the largest among Internet companies, eclipsing Google Inc. in 2004 and Netscape Communications in 1995.

Now it’s Facebook’s turn to share.