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Bill Gates: More Than a Goal: End Polio

Stopping the fight now is simply not an option. If we don’t do the really hard work to eradicate polio now, the disease will come back with a vengeance. Polio anywhere is a threat everywhere.

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How Khan Academy Is Changing The Rules Of Education

“This,” says Matthew Carpenter, “is my favorite exercise.” I peer over his shoulder at his laptop screen to see the math problem the fifth grader is p…

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Gates Foundation Gives Millions For Research On Malaria, HIV, More

SEATTLE — Using microwaves to kill malaria parasites and developing a way to give fetuses immunity to HIV are among the dozen ideas the Bill & Melind…

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Richard Whitmire: Education Debate Taking a Downward Turn

How did education become one of the most polarized debates in American politics?

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The 10 MOST SUCCESSFUL College Entrepreneurs

Microsoft, Facebook, Fedex and Apple. These are some of the most successful businesses in the country at the moment. They also have one other thing …

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Watch: Vaccine Summit Raises $4.3 Billion

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Dr. Orin Levine: 10 Years of Vaccine Progress in 10 Days

More progress has been made in vaccine pricing in the past 10 days than in the past decade. On Monday, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck announced their decision to slash the prices they charge the world’s poorest countries for rotavirus vaccines by up to 68 percent. This decision marks the first major shift in vaccine pricing since […]

Yashar Ali: I Didn’t Go To College and I Am Proud of It

PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel recently announced that he was going to give twenty-four college-age students a $100,000 grant to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions instead of going to college.

Many commentators have criticized him for diminishing the value of a college education by encouraging his grantees to drop out of school.


Suzanne Skees: The Real Motivation Behind Going Public in Philanthropy

Could there be another reason beside constant craving for publicity, for both giant philanthropists as well as us small givers? Just maybe, intention has more impact than zeros.

Carlos Slim just found himself on the short list of the world’s biggest philanthropists. The richest man on the planet at a net worth of $74 billion, […]

Patricia Adams: Bill Gates: Foreign Aid 2.0

Microsoft Co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates has a revolutionary new model for foreign aid that, by his own admission, will be an “incredibly effective way to combat hunger and extreme poverty.”

This “has nothing to do with the old aid model of donors and recipients,” Gates said at a speech in Washington this week to […]