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Say good-bye to the $1 coin

Say good-bye to the $1 coin. People have rejected them, so the Treasury Department will stop mass-producing them. “Nobody wants them,” says Vice President Joe Biden. The U.S. Mint will make a limited number of presidential dollars available only to collectors willing to pay several times face value — beginning with one […]

Bankruptcy looks to be end of the road for Saab

The Swedish automaker is expected to be liquidated, ending a two-year effort to revive the business after it was spun off by General Motors.

Saab no more.

Fatal problems plague the U.S.’ costliest fighter jet

Even though the Air Force has used its F-22 Raptor planes only in test missions, pilots have experienced seven major crashes with two deaths. Oxygen-related malfunctions have been studied but not resolved.

Capt. Jeff “Bong” Haney was headed back to base in his F-22 Raptor fighter jet, ripping through the frigid Alaskan night beyond the […]

Kim Jong Il’s death could upset regional economy in Asia

By itself, North Korea’s economy is too puny to matter. But if its chronic food shortages and other problems worsen, it could create more political and military instability.

The unexpected death of North Korea’s cult-like leader has added a new layer of risk in Asia, a region that has generally been a bright spot in […]

L.A.’s art house theaters squeezed by growing competition

Veteran independent cinemas are losing customers to major chains booking more specialty films and new high-end theaters offering a mix of movies along with premium services.

The day before Laemmle Theatres closed its Sunset 5 last month, patrons and filmmakers showed up at the West Hollywood movie house to share their memories of one of […]

Surrender by AT&T is victory for consumers and regulators

AT&T’s decision to drop its bid for T-Mobile will benefit the consumer marketplace. And for the first time in a long time, regulators ruled that bigger isn’t always better in the telecom sector.

Even a behemoth like AT&T knows when it’s licked.

Saudi prince invests $300 million in Twitter

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has scooped up a substantial stake in Twitter Inc.

California may see record spending by visitors in 2011

Domestic and international visitors to California are expected to have spent $104.4 billion by year’s end, a 10% increase over last year, according to a consulting firm’s forecast.

Thanks to a jump in tourism, visitor spending in the Golden State may hit a record this year, with continued growth in 2012.


Fresh-cut Xmas trees — via the Net

The family trek to the Christmas tree farm has a competitor getting special buzz this season: the Internet. Some retailers’ websites, including Target, Costco and, as of this week, Sears and Kmart, are hawking freshly cut trees delivered door to door anywhere in the continental United States. Online sales of cut trees […]

Furor surrounds Amazon’s price-comparison app

Retailers and a senator denounce a one-day promotional offer that will give discounts to Amazon customers who use the Price Check app while browsing at physical stores.

Amazon.com Inc. and the nation’s bricks-and-mortar retailers are in combat again, this time over the online giant’s price-comparison tool that enables shoppers to quickly check out prices at […]