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John Jackson: The Professors of Protest and the University of Revolution

Hope is not a method. For those who face seemingly invincible dictatorships, even the most inspirational bravery on its own is rarely enough. Strategy, planning and discipline are crucial. But where can you learn the best of these disciplines from the masters of theory and practice in non-violent political liberation? The lineage is a great […]

Howard Steven Friedman: Balancing the Budget, Looking for Simple Answers

Economists and politicians love turning simple issues into complex monsters by trying to convince you that basic logic is wrong. For example, the simple analogy between household and national budgets is much more accurate than most experts will admit. In both cases, you need to review what you make (revenue) and what you spend (costs). […]

Kevin Zeese: Sounds of Resistance Are Growing Join Americans Fed Up With Big Finance

Are you tired of big banks making record profits, paying giant executive salaries and bonuses and then cooking the books so they avoid paying taxes? We are. And, we are responding. Join us.

On April 15 in Union Square Park in New York City at 11:00 AM we are holding a “Sounds of Resistance Concert” […]

Fred Silberberg: Sheen Custody: Maybe Neither Parent Should Have the Kids?

It seems the public can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen these days. Every day seems to be another media interview, re-publication of alleged text messages, or re-publication of tweets that Charlie has supposedly sent out. It is almost as though Charlie, having attacked CBS and those associated with his long running and highly successful sitcom […]

Fed Accepted Nearly $1 Billion In Defaulted Debt From Banks As Collateral During Crisis

The Federal Reserve accepted more defaulted debt than U.S. Treasuries as collateral to back $155.7 billion on the largest day of borrowing from the Primary Dealer Credit Facility, according to documents released today.

Read more: Fed Emergency Lending, Bailout, Banks, Financial Crisis, Fed Discount Window, Primary Dealer Credit Facility, Fed Data Dump, Federal Reserve Data, […]

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs To Allow Shareholders’ Vote On Execs Pay

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co will soon join Citigroup and Bank of America Corp in allowing shareholders to vote on executive compensation, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Last year’s Dodd-Frank financial reform law requires a say-on-pay vote at least three years at most big […]

Greenspan’s Derivatives Comments Shouldn’t Be Trusted, Analysts Say

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill had the potential to become the “largest regulatory-induced market distortion” since 1971 in a Wednesday op-ed for the Financial Times, leaving some financial experts astounded.

Greenspan took particular aim at the decision — currently under debate at the Treasury — to regulate the […]

Trazzler.com: 9 Ways to Sleep Your Way to the California Dream (PHOTOS)

The best hotels are all about creating a beautiful alternate reality that bears virtually no resemblance to anyone’s “real life.” These nine spots hit upon the state’s unparalleled propensity for fantasy and the many manifestations of that shimmering mirage: the California Dream. Maybe you really are a glamorous celeb or obscenely wealthy–or just want to […]

Panasonic SC-BTT350 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Cinema Surround Home Entertainment System

3D BluRay DVD Playback VieraCast entertainment capabilities on your TV Wireless LAN and Rear Wireles Speaker Compatible with Wireless adapter (not included) Integrated iPhone/iPod dock Audio Return Channel Panasonic SC-BTT350 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Cinema Surround Home Entertainment System Product DescriptionStep into the 3D World. Watch 3D movies at home with Full HD 3D technology […]

Robert Stavins: A Wave of the Future: International Linkage of National Climate Change Policies

The latest rage in Washington policy discussions these days (that’s relevant to climate change) is renewed interest in renewable electricity standards, this time in the form of so-called “clean energy standards.” I’ve written about this policy approach recently at this blog (Renewable Energy Standards: Less Effective, More Costly, but Politically Preferred to Cap-and-Trade?, January 11, […]